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Tuesday, August 3, 2010 |
When we moved into our house, I knew I would want to paint our kitchen cabinets! As we have began checking things off of our to do list, I finally got done to the kitchen cabinets.  I am a teacher, so my summer is winding to a close, and I knew if I didn't finish them now, I never would.  My husband and I began the process of a cabinet makeover on Saturday then finished everything up on Sunday! Here is my beautiful cast of characters that helped me through the process.

This my friends, was the leading role in my cabinet makeover.....

Before I did any painting or anything, my husband took off all of the doors and we labeled each door with a sticky note.  I then one by one used TSP to clean each cabinet door and drawer.  This was a LIFESAVER! This stuff is amazing! It ate away any yucky grease and grime that was left on my cabinets.  Here is the key though.....make sure you wear gloves.  You will HIGHLY regret not wearing them! I used latex gloves and they worked fine.  I used a regular kitchen sponge and wiped the front and back of each door.  Let's just say they were kinda gross. After the initial rinsing, I went ahead and wiped each one down again with a wet rag to make sure there was no TSP left on the doors.  They seemed a little sticky after I was done with the first step, so this is why I used the rag afterwards.  

Now, most people would think we should have sanded in here some where.  Our cabinet doors were original to the house, so they were about 20 years old.  After cleaning with TSP, there was hardly any varnish left on our cabinets.  Therefore, I committed the cardinal sin of painting.  I did not sand. :)

One I was done with the cleaning, I got to painting.  Quite awhile ago, my mom bought a paint sprayer, so we borrowed her sprayer and got to painting.  I gave each cabinet 2 coats of Valspar Kitchen and Bathroom, bright white.  It since has been re-named, and I am struggling to remember the new name.  Same color as the rest of the white in our house!

While the cabinets were drying, I went inside and we began painting inside.  Instead of using the sprayer indoors, we went ahead and brushed the entire inside cabinets.  This took about 2-3 coats, but they look spectacular! I was very pleased with how they turned out! 

The next morning, after all was dry, we replaced the doors and installed new knobs and drawer pulls.  I bought the knobs and drawer pulls at Target about a month ago for half off! They are oil rubbed bronze, with a hammered look to them! 

After all the hard work, I love my new kitchen cabinets! Our next big tile and countertops! I will update you when those are installed, but for now, enjoy some pictures!!!!




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What a difference!

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